Bottle shop worker makes mother of three’s year by requesting ID
"Excuse me young lady"
Mike Pence horrified to discover unisex toilet in own house
"This guest room en-suite is an affront to God"
Astronomers discover fifteen year old girl is centre of universe
Astronomers at the Livermore Observatory have confirmed the longstanding hypothesis that Coogee teenager Emily Gillespie is the centre of the observable universe
Facebook crash forces public to resort to traditional stalking methods
Disturbing creeps are up in arms
“Female superhero unrealistic” says guy who had no problem with crime fighting turtles
"How can a fictional woman be stronger than a fictional turtle."
Police call for witnesses after a woman personally attacked by relatable post
"Police say the victim has literally died"
Local band dies of exposure
"What a great career move" said her boss
God comes out of retirement to distance self from Catholic Church
"I barely know them"
Dyslexic child stays up on Christmas Eve waiting for Satan
He can't wait to meet "the magic red man who punishes bad kids"
15 minutes of study rewarded with 2 hour Netflix binge
"I've earned it"